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Matthew R. Ottemann is an experienced shareholder in McGrath North’s Tax, Trust & Estates practice group, and a recognized leader in Nebraska’s and Iowa’s tax incentive programs.

Matt’s Work

For clients facing current or anticipated tax audits or protests, or in need of expert counsel for tax planning, Matt’s experience and strategic solutions provide welcome relief. He helps clients head off potential problems by understanding and planning for the tax ramifications of significant business events.

His analytical approach keeps his clients informed on how the law will, or could, affect their business decisions. By looking at situations with a business model analysis, Matt spots potential pitfalls and keeps the focus on accomplishing the client’s big picture goals. And, if a dispute should arise, he stands by his team’s ability to provide superior representation before the tax authorities.

Matt specializes in taxation, including state and local taxation, state tax disputes and appeals. He has represented clients of all sizes in both income, withholding, and sales tax assessments and claims before the Nebraska Department of Revenue.

In addition, Matt has an extensive background in state tax incentives, including the Nebraska Advantage Act, the Imagine Nebraska Act and Iowa’s incentive programs. He advises clients of all sizes with their tax incentive applications and claims, and assists them in key aspects of the expansion planning process.

Matt is also an experienced Estate Planner, and works closely with other members of the firm’s highly recognized and top rated estate planning team.

Matt graduated summa cum laude from Creighton University College of Business, and thereafter received his Certified Public Accountant registration. Wanting to further expand his capabilities to work with businesses, Matt received his law degree from Creighton University School of Law, graduating summa cum laude, and then his L.L.M. in Taxation from the University of Alabama School of Law where he was Valedictorian and graduated magna cum laude.

Because of his recognized expertise, Matt has been selected as an adjunct faculty member to teach business students at Creighton University College of Business for several years. Matt has also served as an adjunct faculty member of law students at the Creighton University School of Law. In addition, he is a frequent speaker to CPAs on a broad range of issues and co-authors a state tax article appearing in each issue of the Nebraska CPA Magazine.

Outside the Firm

When he is not speaking to other professionals, writing for numerous publications, teaching college and law students (and of course, working with clients across the region), Matt enjoys spending time with family and friends. Matt is an avid football and sports fan and looks forward to travel opportunities.