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Information Technology

We understand that adopting and promoting innovation is critical to our clients’ success in meeting the ever-changing challenges in an increasingly competitive environment.

McGrath North provides innovative strategies to meet our clients’ business goals.  We regularly assist clients in the development, acquisition and implementation of complex information technology software and services.

Our clients operate in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, agriculture, information technology, and other service providers and range from emerging start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies.

Our attorneys are dedicated to understanding our clients’ information technology needs and challenges, and then partnering with them to achieve business-oriented, practical solutions to improve quality, increase efficiencies, while decreasing costs and complying with ever-changing and ever-increasing laws and regulations.

Representative Services

We advise clients on a full-range of IT legal issues, including:

  • Providing licensing advice for complex information systems and providing insight into the challenges presented in operating in today’s heavily regulated environment.
  • Negotiating IT transactions for licensees and licensors, including acquiring and implementing enterprise-wide licenses for mission critical operations software, hardware and technology-based services.
  • Crafting and implementing sophisticated outsourcing, licensing and development arrangements, including business process and information technology outsourcing.  Prepare and negotiate outsourcing services agreements outsourcing major IT functions and operations to third party vendors.
  • Developing intellectual property portfolio strategies, including development of software asset management program.
  • Complying with the latest federal laws and regulations regarding privacy and security of personal information, including federal, state and industry standards and breach reporting requirements.
  • Guidance to clients on cyber security issues, from developing security policies and procedures to vendor management and cyber liability insurance, information security best practices, data breach response and mitigation, and auditing.
  • Counsel clients on the acquisition, provision and implementation of information technology solutions involving data, data mining, data aggregation and analytics, and data center and hardware operations implementations.
  • Navigate the legal rules and implications of social media, including compliance  with consent requirements, drafting end user agreements for mobile apps and downloadable software, drafting and negotiating website development and hosting agreements, drafting website privacy policies and terms of use, and developing company policies regarding use of social media.
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2016 Triumph of Ag Expo